Thank you for changing Veterans’ lives.

Every cent that is donated to RSLWA helps enormously — allowing us to tailor specialist services to the needs of our current and former servicemen and women, along with their families.

Some examples include:

  • Crisis accommodation for at-risk Veterans
  • Guiding serving personnel through the transition into civilian life, including finding new employment
  • Financial assistance for families in need
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Assistance with accessing pension entitlements

RSLWA thanks you for your generosity and support!

The ANZAC Appeal

We are changing the lives of Veterans.

With your help, the RSL can lend a helping hand to thousands of veterans and their families.

Every current and former service person of this great nation deserves our support.

Ask any Aussie to describe this national day of commemoration, and they’ll usually talk proudly of ageing Diggers from the world wars marching for the fallen.

But time shifts rapidly and as the last of those brave Diggers pass from this world, so too has the primary focus of RSLWA much evolved.

It’s why we’re drawing your attention to the brave young men and women who’ve returned from conflicts in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor. While most made it home, there are some who never truly escape the residual horrors of modern warfare, which haunt them daily.

This is reflected in disproportionately high rates of suicide, homelessness, crippling PSTD and unemployment suffered by young Aussie vets.

It’s a brutal truth that RSLWA cannot abide, which is why we are issuing a call to arms to the WA community to rally behind our newer veterans.

This ANZAC Day, let’s remind ourselves of the mistreatment of those who served in Vietnam – and of the mismanagement of those who have returned since.

Let’s learn from those historic mistakes and vow to right the wrongs for a new generation of veterans in need.

Let’s also embrace the families and loved ones who’ve supported those returned service personnel through the unique challenges of reintegrating back into civilian life.

This ANZAC Day, we celebrate the safe return of our men and women — and ask West Australians how we can better support those who have done so much for us, yet still sometimes fall through the cracks upon returning to everyday society.

We stand united to commemorate those who fell, while resolving to support those who have come home.

Corporal Raymond Hemmings gets a kiss goodbye from his his daughter.
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