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The Dawn Service, Gunfire Breakfast, ANZAC Day Parade, and ANZAC Day Commemorative Service are the prime opportunities to remember those who gave so much for our country – especially those who are no longer with us.

In respect of participating in the ANZAC Day Commemorative March, participants should be aware that the consensus of the returned servicemen and women, who form the body of this March, is that they be allowed to retain the integrity of their individual units for as long as possible.

While they recognise the importance of, and respect the participation of next-of-kin (NOK), they request the following guidelines be observed by all participants:

• All marchers should conform to forming up and marching four abreast.

• Veterans should march directly behind their unit banner, accompanied by one carer if needed. That carer should be of an age where they can directly assist the veteran.

• Veterans having difficulty completing the March are encouraged to use the transport provided, but must remain in the vehicle until the March is complete.

• If a veteran must fall out of the March, he/she should be directed to a Marshall for assistance. Unit Associations should continue so as not to disrupt the movement of the March.

• NOK should march behind the veterans and be old enough to march the full distance without assistance. Please note baby prams are not permitted.

• NOK representation should be restricted to one per veteran. Attire should be neat and tidy out of respect to the fallen (torn denim, sporting attire, dirty joggers etc are not acceptable standards).

• Carrying pictures of relatives is not supported.

• NOK are to wear medals on the right breast (left breast is reserved for the original owners).

• Media services have been advised not to conduct interviews ‘on the move’ during the March.

• Veterans are requested not to join or leave the March other than at the Assembly or Dispersal points.

• Only recognised National Flags are to be carried in the Parade

• Please note that this is not a cultural parade but a March for ADF, and Ex-Service personnel, and National Dress and NOK not wearing medals is not supported.

We would be grateful if you adopted these guidelines and by doing so you will not only honour your fallen comrades and forebears, but you will also help maintain the ANZAC tradition we are all so proud of.