“Anzac Ted” Book Review

If you have a child in Primary School, you’ve probably come across Anzac Ted. It seemed to be the go-to book for teachers in the lead up to ANZAC Day this year. After reading it myself, I can see why it was is so popular.

Anzac Ted is the tale of a teddy bear who goes to war. It begins in a classroom during the judging of a Toy Show. Battered and missing an eye, poor Ted receives no votes. It is the story behind his dishevelled appearance that the protagonist tells so proudly.

While the obvious theme is not to judge a book by its cover, author and illustrator Belinda Landsberry also touches on the treatment of returned soldiers and the unsung heroes out there. Unlike many war books, Anzac Ted doesn’t focus on weapons, the battles or death, instead it focuses on respect and acceptance.

Along with stunning and quite accurate imagery, the story is told in rhyme, making it simple to read and engage with, and even easier to remember. It’s easy to see why so many teachers have chosen this book as their preferred ANZAC Day read. Anzac Ted is a beautiful piece of literature and the perfect way to introduce children to the ANZAC Legend.

  • Ashayla Webster

“Anzac Ted” was written and illustrated by Belinda Landsberry and published by EK Books.

anzac ted
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