“Australians On The Western Front 1918: Part 2” Book Review

Continuing on from book 1, Part 2 of “Australians on the Western Front 1918” is a detailed account of the ‘Great British offensive’ and the breaking of the Hindenburg Line.

In the same manner as the first book, Cameron draws on diary entries, newspaper articles, war reports and other media to fill his account with as much detail as humanly possible. The inclusion of direct quotes paints a heavy and dynamic picture of the significant, and seemingly insignificant, moments that lead to the German surrender.

It is a long book. Make no doubts that this is a novel that requires time and concentration, but it is well worth the read. Cameron’s retelling is sure to make any Australian proud; the humour, the strength and the resilience of our troops. It is not just history that is reflected, but the Australian identity and the fabled ANZAC Spirit.

Just as in the first novel, this book should be studied in schools. It is far more interesting and far more informative than any textbook I’ve read.

  • Ashayla Webster

“Australians On The Western Front 1918: Part 2” is written by David W. Cameron and published by Penguin Random House Australia