Call for young blood to drive future Poppy Lady projects (and you don’t even have to be crafty)

Poppy Ladies Judy Welch and Carol WIlson
RSLWA Poppy Ladies Judy Welch and Carol Wilson are determined to secure the project’s future with younger talent.


By Maxine Brown


OUR incredible Poppy Ladies are adored for good reason. Each year, they pay tribute to the fallen and help raise funds for veterans in need with their spectacular hand-made poppy installations.

But coordinator Judy Welch says that it’s time to put a succession plan in place, saying she and her fellow Poppy Ladies aren’t getting any younger.

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She’s calling for energetic men and women with young legs to step up and get involved in something truly special.

“None of us are getting younger (dammit) and to keep our Poppy Ladies going, we need new blood, a different structure – so, a working committee sort of thing – people who can coordinate and jump in when needed.

“We need young bodies, people who have the time, ideas, energy and commitment to get things done. We want them to learn the ropes with an eye on the future.

“It’s called succession planning and it will ensure that when the time comes, the baton is passed to safe hands.

“More people than just a few of us need to know who does what behind the scenes.

“It’s hard work but the rewards are indescribable. To see the faces of our current and ex-service veterans when our displays are revealed is truly humbling. And it raises so much public awareness for a great cause. ”

Judy said she would welcome anyone willing to step up – especially those who’d previously baulked because they couldn’t knit or crochet.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t knit or crochet … we are looking for people who are good at hands-on, practical tasks. We want people with leadership qualities who can liaise with multiple stakeholders, is deadline driven and can think outside the box.

“If this sounds like you or your friends, please get in touch.”

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