Ceremony Procedures

Wherever possible, RSL commemoration ceremonies should follow a standard order of service as detailed below. The sequence of events shall be as follows.

  • The Ode shall be spoken by the designated person.

  • The Last Post shall be played.

  • A period of not more than two minutes’ silence shall then be observed.

  • Rouse or Reveille shall be played. (‘Rouse’ is the bugle call more commonly used in conjunction with the ‘Last Post’ and to the layman is often incorrectly called ‘Reveille’. Although associated with the ‘Last Post’, ‘Reveille’ is rarely used because of its length.)

  • The ceremony is ended. The words ‘thank you’ shall NOT be spoken to end the ceremony.

While it expected that the form of service detailed above shall be used at the routine RSL commemoration ceremonies, variations may occur from time to time.

However, where the RSL is the organising or coordinating authority of a commemoration ceremony every attempt should be made to have the ceremony follow the sequence detailed above.