The onset of COVID-19 and the cancellation of the ANZAC Day Commemorative Services due to lockdown in 2020, inspired the community Driveway Dawn Service.

Driveway Dawn Services have been supported by the community over the past two years and RSLWA is encouraging people to once again embrace the Driveway Dawn Services in 2022 and gather in their driveways, on balconies, in living rooms or at the farm gates throughout the State.

The Driveway Dawn Service is now set to become a new tradition for all future ANZAC Days.

For 2022, RSLWA has partnered with Radio 94.5 and Triple M Radio Network to deliver a live broadcast of Dawn Service which begins at 5.55 am and concludes at 6.30 am.

For people who are unable to join the live broadcast from Kings Park at 5.55 am, they can download the Commemorative Service to use for their own service here

You can purchase RSLWA Driveway Dawn Service Candles from ANZAC House Veteran Central for $12 each, as pictured below.