Sunset Services

Wednesday 24 April 2019

1700 – 1730 | This year’s Sunset Service, which will be held the afternoon before ANZAC Day, will acknowledge the commitment, service and sacrifice of our men and women in contemporary conflicts around the world.


Since the first Gulf War in 1990-91, Australia has deployed service personnel to Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda, Bougainville, East Timor / Timor Leste, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Solomon Islands. Australia continues to provide support on numerous Peace-keeping operations, and closer to home, on Border Protection operations.

What time should I arrive?

In order to find parking and secure a viewing position at the Sunset Services, we recommend arriving at 4.30pm; 30 minutes before the Service commences.

Where is the best place to view the event?

You can find a good viewing position at the Whispering Wall and there will be standing room around the Flame of Remembrance.

Can I lay a wreath?

Wreath laying during the Service is by invitation only, however, the general public is welcome to lay a wreath after the Wreath Laying Services has completed.

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