Community Fundraise

For more information on businesses and organisations collecting on behalf of RSLWA

Though the ANZAC  and Poppy Appeals has been running for 100 years, its importance remains, as we support veterans and serving members of recent conflicts and operations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor, alongside the aging population of conflicts gone by.

During this time RSLWA asks businesses and schools if they would like to participate as Community Collectors for the appeal. This simply requires the business/school to fundraise on behalf of RSLWA, by hosting collection containers and giving an ANZAC Appeal badge or poppy in return for a donation.

RSLWA will provide all merchandise (badges, poppies, stickers, collection containers, etc) to the supporting collectors free of charge. Then at the end of the appeal, we ask that all collected funds are returned to RSLWA.

If you would like to participate as a Community Collector please click on the relevant forms below, either School or Organisation Order Forms. Following the Appeal we request you submit the Financial Statement for the donations collected. Please fill out forms online and submit them online.

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