“Cooktown” Book Review

A good story with relatable characters and issues. The detailed descriptions of not only the landscape but also the feelings, actions and past of the character allowed for easy immersion into the story. I felt like I was there with them throughout the struggles in Afghanistan, but also on the boat fishing in the quiet, just waiting for the fish to bite.

The main character’s issues with PTSD and the question of ‘what now’ after the Army is easy to relate to and pretty spot on. Not only does he have a physical injury, but the psychological issues are also very relatable. It is a topic and issue that many veterans deal with silently.

Overall, the story confronts the need for human interaction and highlights the struggle that veterans are dealing with upon returning to society very well.

  • Alicia-Ann Wyburg

“Cooktown” is written by Andres Hager and published by Brio Books.