Esperance hosts launch of WA Army Museum App

One of the biggest RSL events in WA was held in Esperance as locals and visitors gathered for the Armistice Learning Journey.

The Call to Duty Armistice Learning Journey was held at the Esperance Civic Centre, Anglican Parish Hall and surrounding grounds on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25.

Day one saw an estimated turnout of 1000 people, including 800 primary and high school students.

The second day was open to the public, with an estimated turnout of over 2000.

The event was held to officially launch the WA Army Museum’s World War Two app.

Call to Duty event coordinator Sonja Andrews said she was very pleased with the turnout and the feedback.

Ms Andrews said the event had been in the works for over five years and had developed and expanded over that time.

RSLWA president  Peter Aspinall said the event was a “remarkable success”.

“Seeing all the school children come through was a focus for the first day,” he said.

“The benefit of the app is not just for students, but primarily for students, in regional areas who don’t always get the chance to go and look at the displays the army has in Fremantle.

“We are in the throes of losing the last of our World War Two veterans so that living history is coming to a fairly rapid end.

“This app is just one of the means that regional students will get access to displays and information.”

Mr Aspinall said the community support was strong both from individuals and businesses.

Thirteenth Brigade Colonel David Jones grew up in Esperance and said the size and success of the event and the variety of displays well exceeded his expectations.

“Any event that brings the town out is great,” he said.

“We’ve seen little tiny kids through to high school kids that are looking into their future, through to veterans.”

RSLWA Operations Manager Martin Holzberger said Sonja Andrews had ‘driven’ the event.

“She has made this happen and she is a real credit to this community and to the RSL,” he said.

  • Jake Dietsch
Image by Jake Dietsch