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RSLWA Members: 2020 Election Information

A note to all RSLWA members, here’s your important timetable schedule for the RSLWA Board of Directors 2020 Election. For more information, contact your Sub-Branch. Advertising Wednesday 8 April 2020


QUESTIONS ANSWERS Is the ANZAC Day Dawn Service happening this year at Kings Park? No.  In an effort to minimise the spread of COVID-19 in the community, and following the

Two ears for listening

A MATE is more than just a friend, writes Port Kennedy Sub-Branch President Steve Elliott. I OVERHEARD an interesting chat between a Veteran and a young country boy in Lake

The Shaping of Peter Aspinall

FROM Long Tan to a long-term vision of how to better support Veterans. It’s been quite the journey for RSLWA President Peter Aspinall AM. Like anyone who has seen conflict

Veterans, Jen Riches has your six

AUSTRALIA Day Medallion recipient Jen Riches is the definition of a good mate, ready to assist when RSLWA needs a helping hand. Here, she sits down with MAXINE BROWN to