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RSLWA Content Submissions Guidelines

We appreciate you wanting to submit content for consideration for our website news and events, social media, and Listening Post and Sub-Branch Signal publications. As we receive a large number of submissions, unfortunately, we are unable to publish everything we receive.

What Content Will Be Published?

Written articles, images, videos or similar will be reviewed for publication based on the following:

  • Interesting, timely and relevant subject matter
  • Articles will need to be well worded and copy edited
  • Highlights good work and events in our sub-branches and veteran community
  • Historically significant or related to an important military anniversary
  • Preferably accompanied by good quality, high-resolution photographs (at least 1MB in size)
  • For sub-branch events, please include dates, times, location, organiser, cost, website address and relevant details as appropriate

Submit your news or story online at

Please attach a Word document and high-resolution JPEG images.

Important: Please include the names of those pictured and ensure you have permission to use the image.

Content Deadlines

Please note, we endeavour to plan ahead so timely submissions are appreciated.  At least 7 days prior notice is required.

For further details, please email

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