Nashos WA Reunion

The Nashos WA group will be holding their ten year anniversary as a group in June.


We are all former National Servicemen that were conscripted during the 1950's and the Vietnam war and we have formed this group to maintain our mateship with fellow Nashos that we served with, or have become great friends since the start of our group.


We Started in 2008 with only 5 of us and have since grown to a couple of hundred members also some from the Eastern states that have also joined us.


We will be holding our reunion at the Gosnells hotel WA starting 11.30 am the 2nd of June 2018 meeting in the main dining area.


Other National servicemen that haven’t become part of our group are welcome to come along and partners are welcome, casual dress is required and meals/drinks are at hotel prices.


Our group also has a website that we collect platoon and section photos and we welcome more photos if they can be emailed to 

Please visit our website

We don’t charge fees to join our group.