Help us reunite owners with medals lost in Perth on ANZAC Day

This highly distinguished set of miniatures was found after the ANZAC Day March and handed in to RSLWA. Do you know who they belong to?


By Maxine Brown

RSLWA is on a mission, but we need your help – to reunite two families with some very distinguished military medals lost on ANZAC Day.

Despite our ANZAC Day posts about these medals going viral on social media, then being covered in that night’s TV and radio bulletins, we have not yet had any success.

Ellie Hammond with the certification that belongs with her husband’s missing medal.

It was a case of lost and found on the day, with one conscientious person handing in a very distinguished set of miniatures to an RSLWA staffer in the Perth CBD just after the March, and an upset widow contacting this office to notify us that she had lost a cherished and distinctive medal she’d been wearing that belonged to her late husband.

To be clear, these are two separate cases that RSLWA is trying to solve.

The miniatures (which include two medals of high distinction, covered) appear to belong to a Polish-Australian member of the RAF’s Bomber Command in WWII.

Perhaps they were being worn in the March by a family member.

RSLWA is determined to return these to their rightful owner and the two medals to the left of the strip have not been revealed to ensure correct identification.

Then there was the case of Perth woman Ellie Hammond, who was wearing her late-husband Stewart’s prestigious medal in the CBD during the ANZAC Day March.

She was wearing a medal presented to Mr Hammond by the King of Albania when he was honoured as a Grand Officer of the Order of Skanderbeg. Mr Hammond had worked for the King for many years.

Stewart Hammond, Grand Officer of the Order of Skanderbeg.

Of the photos published here, Mrs Hammond said: “This is Stewart wearing his medal with pride. I am holding the citation. The one I lost is a smaller one to pin on and is slightly different to the main one around his neck.’’

The Hammond family are distraught and, understandably, very anxious that the medal be found.

Mrs Hammond believes it fell off her chest somewhere between Langley Park, at the end of the March, and her walk to the Perth Underground train station, where she caught a ride home.

Can you help us locate the Hammond family’s medal, or put us in touch with the owner/s of the miniatures?

If so, please email comms@rslwa.org.au

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