UK Reciprocal Club for RSLWA Members

ANZAC Club Open to London Visitors

RSLWA ANZAC Club has successfully forged a reciprocal arrangement with the famous central London military membership club, the Union Jack Club.

The Union Jack Membership Club and Accommodation is exclusively for serving and veteran members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

The reciprocal arrangement will enable RSLWA members and ANZAC Club members to access the Union Jack Club facilities as Temporary Honorary Members when visiting London.

ANZAC House Manager Matthew Holyday has been working on the reciprocal arrangement since the building of the new ANZAC House began.

“The reciprocal arrangement adds great value to RSLWA Service Membership and ANZAC Club Membership,” Matthew said.

“While we can’t travel at the moment, it will a great asset to our members when they can.”

ANZAC House joins the list of some prestigious reciprocal clubs exclusively for serving and ex-serving military members, including the Marines Memorial Club San Francisco, Royal Canadian Military Institute Toronto, Royal Scots Club Edinburgh the Royal Maritime Club Portsmouth and the United Services Club Brisbane.

The Union Jack Club not only offers members quality dining in the private restaurant and café but other facilities such as shared professional shared workspace with monitors, keyboards and printer facilities and access to WI-FI through the club.

The Union Jack Club provides accommodation on site to include family rooms and flats, as well as meeting and banqueting rooms for events.

Located in Sandell Street next to Waterloo Station, many of the capital’s top attractions are just a short walk, tube or bus ride away.

A registered charity for serving and veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces, the Union Jack Club was founded in 1904 and opened in 1907. The idea of a Club for enlisted military personnel came from a visionary nurse named Ethel McCaul.

More information about Union Jack Club can be found on their website.