Changes to Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA)

New legislation which came into effect on 1 January 2022 will provide an increase in social security payments for some veterans.

The changes made the Disability Compensation Payment (formerly known as Disability Pension) exempt from the income test under the Social Security Act 1991

Centrelink payments, such as the Age Pension, will increase as a result and removes the need for DFISA. In addition, Rent Assistance became available, or increased, for some veterans.

These changes were announced by email from the DVA Secretary in early December 2021, however, some letters were delayed which meant some veterans did not know why their DFISA payment had been reduced prior to 13 January.

Those who had previously received DFISA found that on the first payday of 2022, part of the DFISA payment was reduced. 

On payday 27 January, there will be no DFISA paid, however, social security payments from Centrelink will increase accordingly. 

The part payment on 13 January was made because the effective date of 1 January fell in the middle of the pay period. As Centrelink paydays differ for each person, payments did not align with DVA veteran paydays.

Veterans and their partners do not need to do anything, as the payments will be made automatically.  

Further information can be found on the DFISA page of the Department of Veterans Affairs website under “What’s New”: