Korean War Veterans' Service

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The Royal Australian Regiment Association, (WA Branch) held a Memorial Service at the Flame of Remembrance in Kings Park to commemorate the 64th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice agreement.

Nearly two million soldiers representing countries from all over the world fought for the freedom of South Korea. Countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, provided combat units. 25 Western Australians of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) gave their lives for the freedom of the South Korean people.

In his commemorative address, Brigadier Duncan Warren AM RFD (Ret'd) spoke of the history of the RAR and the Korean War.

"All three battalions of the newly formed RAR served during the Korean War," Brigadier Warren told the assembled crowd.

"3RAR served throughout the whole of the conflict, earning the nickname 'Old Faithful'.

"They were joined by 1RAR in April 1952, serving for 12 months until replaced by 2RAR who served for four months until the armistice. During the changeover of 1RAR and 2RAR, a parade was held to mark the first occasion that all battalions of the regiment had been on parade together.

"The last major action of the war for the regiment was the Battle of Samichon River fought by 2RAR over 24 - 26 July 1953, repulsing a number of major Chinese assaults just hours before the armistice agreement was signed," he said.

In attendance at the commemoration was Peter deMasson, President of the Royal Australian Regiment Association, (WA Branch) Martin Holzberger AM CSC, Operations Manager RSLWA, Yoo Kanghyun, President of the Korean Association and Lee Jinkil, President of the Korean Veterans Association.