AIF Group Portrait

Jean Van Campenhout, a young researcher in Belgium, has an AIF group portrait with a cross indicating his Australian great-grandfather, but sadly no name was inscribed.

This soldier returned home in March 1919 before the young Belgian woman he had been courting was aware she was pregnant.

He was ignorant of the fact that his son was born December 1919 and given the name Robert.

At a loss as to where to start to find a name for his Aussie great-grandfather, Jean contacted Claire Dujardin a Belgian experienced in researching the subject.

Because the soldier was billeted at Marchienne-au-Pont during the winter of 1918/19, Claire suspected from battalion unit diaries and other archival records he might have been in the 26th battalion.

Jean would dearly love to know his great-grandfather's name and be able to find Australian descendants.

  • If you recognise the individual is second from the right, back row in the group photograph.
  • If your family has this group 26th Battalion portrait in an album with names inscribed, or any details as to date and exact location the portrait was taken.
  • If your family has any 26th Battalion portraits with names.

Please contact Claire Dujardin | Historian (University of Brussels) | Email.