WA Fire & Emergency Services Concert Band

The WA Fire & Emergency Services Concert Band is seeking information about its history and would appreciate hearing from past members and their families as well as receiving photos and stories.

The Band is preparing to celebrate its centenary in 2020. The band went through a number of name changes over the years, but the RSL Band is where they started.

Names of those in the picture are:

(Back row)
W. Griffiths, W. Dadd, Tom P Lennon (President) C. Bishop, J. Dowdell. R. Firth

(Third row)
R. Abbott, F. Ashton, J. Strickland, G. Manley, F. Unsworth, R. Rees C. O’Keefe, Charles Court

(Second row)
J. Anderson, T. Hodgson, E. Peaed, T. Thomson, P. Sutton, R. Duncan, J. Hopkins, C. Yeatman

(First row)
W. Williams, G. McCorkill, O. Owens, Arthur O’Keefe (Secretary) H. Goninon, G. Webb, J. Holmes, J. Crawley

Walter Court, A. Cunningham, G. Mellor (Conductor) H. Tucker and J. Cooney

Can You Help?...Contact: Sam Knowles; Post Office Box 546, MORLEY WA 6943 or on 0422 401 421 or by email.