Jimmy Barnes

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| By Dr Neil MacNeill

Ellenbrook RSL works hard to ensure that key components of Australian culture, such ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day are promoted in our community and that we continue to fundraise for members’ welfare and a club house.

Rostered Sub-Branch members were thrilled to be visited by the famous Khe Sanh musician, Jimmy Barnes.

As Jimmy had previously noted: “I've had the Vietnam cold turkey from the ocean to the silver city, and it's only other vets can understand."

Jimmy was promoting his new book, “Working Class Man” but was more than happy to chat with local Members at the Poppy Table.

| Photo: Kristian Pirkopf (new Ellenbrook Sub-Branch Member), James Eusebio, Jimmy Barnes, Max McCarthy, and Darby Munro.

|| Book Image.