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Tony Howes, host of “The Listening Post”, Capital Radio 101.7 FM & Capital Digital, Monday 12 December 6.00pm - 8.00pm, says his guest Ryan Rowlands, is one of the most passionate and caring people he has met in a long time.

“When you hear what he has to say, you will know why I describe him that way”, Tony says.

Ryan has been conducting ANZAC and Heritage Tours for over twenty years and has been taking veterans, their families, friends students and seniors into places that are often neglected or unknown to many travel operators.

In this programme he talks of the places and the people linked to them: including the Sandakan Heritage Trail.

Ryan heads the amazing Mobile Exhibition which is integral to the education programme that allows young people to travel and experience these places of Australian history.

Ryan also speaks about the work of his wife Patricia, who was the RSL Welfare and Counselling Supervisor in Perth for over 25 years.

On the “Listening Post Bandstand” is The Band of The Royal British Legion, under the direction of Clive Civil, who, at 17 joined the Band of the Royal Tank regiment, then transferred to the Irish Guards Band.

| Photos: [L-R] Dame Quentin Bryce, former Governor-General of Australia, Ryan Rowlands and Bunny Glover, one of the last two Sandakan POW survivors, to be part of the next chapters of Sandakan...the Unfinished Story. || Patricia and Ryan Rowlands.