Marinko "Tich" Tomas

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The Marinko "Tich" Tomas Memorial located in Nannup in the South West region of WA has been vandalised upsetting Members of the local RSLWA Sub-Branch.

The rifle barrel on the memorial has been bent and broken and currently lies 60 degrees off the horizontal.

The amount of force needed to achieve this desecration have led Nannup RSL Sub-Branch Members to believe that this is no accident.

Secretary of the Nannup RSL Sub-Branch, Vicki Hansen says it is the first time its ever been desecrated.

"Police are still investigating at this stage," Vicki said.

"The Memorial is located in a public area, near public toilets, so it is possible someone may have seen something."

Marinko "Tich" Tomas was born and bred in Nannup, was well liked and very active in the district. He was drafted into the Australian Army in 1965 and joined 5RAR for the battalion's tour of SVN.

On July 8, 1966 he became a statistic - WA's first Nasho killed in the Vietnam War.

The Memorial was refurbished in 2016 and is part of a Avenue of Honour which runs through the town.

The matter has been reported to Police and if anyone can assist, please contact Simon or Nathan on (08) 9756 3555.

| Photo 1: Vandalism of rifle barrel. | Photo 2: Memorial before vandalism. Photo Credit: