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| By Royceton Hardey

Accessing the internet is like brushing your teeth.

You do it at least twice a day.

Since the first web page went live back in 1991 millions have followed providing everyone with information on anything at any time.

And now the Bunbury RSL Sub-Branch is about to put out their electronic welcome mat.

“We know a website is important,” Bunbury RSL Sub-Branch President John Gelmi tells me over a coffee at the Sub-Branch.

"We've had a couple of websites in the past, but with the best intentions initially, volunteers with the expertise moved on and the site was not maintained.”

"We then had an issue with lost passwords and logins to close the old site down. So initially it was a bit of a headache.”

Not deterred John and Sub-Branch Members are starting all over again and are collaborating on the design of a new website. Capturing all the suggestions and putting it together in a digestible format for the user is the job of Marketing Director David Byatt from Moshi Moshi Marketing.

David impressed the Sub-Branch with the work he did on the Bunbury Turf Club website. Designed attractively with easy to use menus the Turf Club site delivered a great user experience.

“We need to look at what our main cattle gates will be for the Bunbury RSL page,” David tells the Members gathered around a table.

“Why would people come knocking and then where do we direct them?”

With the Bunbury Sub-Branch being big enough to provide Advocacy and Welfare assistance, the core business of RSLWA, it was an easy decision to make this the most prominent link from the home page.

Giving detail on the support and services provided to Veterans was top priority.

Then there’s the large hall adjoining the Sub-Branch, a popular meeting place for groups, and a main source of income for the RSL. Advertising the hall prominently would be of benefit.

Finally, when events like ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day approached the website must be the main source of information.

Now properly identified, these were agreed as the best starting points for a user. From each of these points users can then access other pages outlining a full list of facilities and services the RSL provides.

Bunbury RSL Sub-Branch already has an active social media presence with a Facebook page. It is now David’s intention to get both the new website and Facebook working collaboratively so user traffic captured through Facebook will be directed back to the new website.

Once the website is operational sponsorship opportunities will then be looked at through the site to give credit where credit is due.

“We get tremendous support from so many businesses in Bunbury,” John says with a grin.

“And they don’t mind if they don’t get the credit for it, that’s the way they operate. But I would like to promote them through the website. So I’m aware we can do that.”

For now though the Bunbury RSL Sub-Branch and David will continue to burn the midnight oil to bring it all together.

| Photo 1: [L-R] Ross Stewart, Welfare; Ken Prichard, Customer Liaison Officer; David Byatt, Moshi Moshi Marketing; John Gelmi, President.