Birthday celebrations for Navy

Defence members across Australia, including those at sea on exercise, have taken a moment out of their busy days to celebrate Navy’s 117th birthday.

At a barbecue in Canberra, Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett said it was a time to celebrate the past 117 years but more importantly look to the future. He said everyone, in uniform and in civilian roles, had a contribution to offer in an exciting time to be in Defence.

"We are on the cusp of a more capable, lethal, flexible and agile fleet that can act quickly and decisively that will meet any challenge to advance our nation.

"The Navy has been and will continue to be instrumental in maintaining Australia’s sovereignty and demonstrating Australia’s values to the world.”

In the country’s north, Navy personnel posted to HMAS Coonawarra enjoyed a cutting of the cake ceremony. Tradition followed as Commanding Officer HMAS Coonawarra Viktor Pilicic, cut the cake with Seaman Maritime Logistics - Supply Chain Halina Marshall, the youngest member of the ships company.


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