ANZAC House Redevelopment

Dear Members,

It is important that I brief you about the latest with regard to the planned redevelopment of ANZAC House at the corner of St George’s Terrace and Irwin Street in Perth City.

An ANZAC House for RSLWA is important, not only for administrative reasons but for cultural reasons as well as being RSLWA ’s spiritual home.

Regrettably, the transfer of title has taken a much longer time to effect than had been envisioned. When a Heads of Agreement between the State Government and RSLWA was signed in late 2016 our understanding was that the title would allow us to redevelop the property unencumbered by restrictive conditions. This turned out to be not the case. With the process left in the hands of the bureaucracy, the title documentation when finally received by RSLWA contained conditions unacceptable to RSLWA. Had the title as presented been accepted and the ANZAC House redevelopment then been approved, RSLWA would in effect, have committed to a multi-million dollar project on land that it did not have total control over.

Demolition of the old ANZAC House, a necessary precursor whatever the outcome of the title transfer, had been commenced as a result of the initial transfer agreement. By mid-2017, when it became apparent that an unconditional title would take much longer to achieve, the RSLWA Board agreed to slow down the project.

State President Peter Aspinall
State President Peter Aspinall

However, as more time passed without receipt of an acceptable title the project was halted. It is hoped that we will soon see progress and then plan ahead for our new home and with a new approach to supporting our veterans and their families. A Veterans Central one-stop-shop to allow for much greater collaboration between RSLWA and other Ex-service Organisations. A new ANZAC House will happen but we need to be prudent and your Board of Directors is focused on being just that.

  • State President Peter Aspinall