Belmont Remembrance Day

  • Trooper, Charles Courtland
  • Corporal, Cyril Morgan
  • Air Women, Elsie Morgan
  • Sapper, Lawrance Hoffman
  • Signal Women, Joyce Hoffman
  • Corporal, Walter Silcox
  • Private, Alan Williams

Each of these residents served our country in war and peace, with their family placing a poppy on their newly erected City of Belmont War Memorial family plaques.

At the service, the Belmont RSL Sub-Branch unveiled a plaque to mark a century since the Battle of Beersheba. Fought on 31 October 1917, it is considered one of the last great cavalry charges in Australian military history.

The battle was part of the wider British offensive collectively known as the third Battle of Gaza. The final phase of this all-day battle was the famous mounted charge of the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade.

  • Steve Toon
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