Capital Radio

Capital Radio 101.7 FM & Capital Digital’s “The Listening Post”, hosted by Tony Howes on Monday, March 12, 2018, from 6 to 8 pm, focuses on the ‘outdoors’!

Special guest is Peta Alderman. Peta is the WA Manager of the Australian War Graves Commission. Her care of our War Graves makes fascinating listening. As a horticulturist, Peta studied and worked in the UK and, on return to Perth, has spent her working life with The Cemeteries Board and King’s Park; and since 2009, in her present position.

On “The Listening Post Bandstand” will be The Central Band of The RAAF, under the direction of Squadron Leader L H Hicks, playing such favourites as ‘Sousa On Parade’ and ‘Grand Military Tattoo’. Information from our Military Defence Forces news agencies, plus music of all styles are included in the programme.

Capital Radio Host Tony Howes