Digger’s Day

Perfect weather saw participants take part in the Donnybrook RSL Sub-Branch annual Digger’s Day at the Country Club on Sunday 15 October.

Players from local areas and Bunbury took part with their chosen sport of either golf or bowls.

Of course, they also had to dig deep in their pockets as the serious but fun day was in aid of Legacy.

Ashley Dillon (Dillo) from Spirit 621 South West Bunbury, represented that radio station. He said he has never come across such a fun but difficult ball to tee off as the one suspended on a string and he enjoyed the day. It’s only a rumour that he is still finishing the 18 holes.

Golfers had a few unusual hiccups with which to contend.

Wearing a World War I Trench Coat and German Helmet is not easy when teeing off, or using a hockey stick to tee off while standing on a tyre as on one of the greens.

Balance seemed pretty good with most players.

Ever tried putting a wobbly golf ball?

Not so easy but fun.

Then, of course, the best that brought so many laughs were teeing off with the golf ball suspended from a piece of string and about half a metre from the ground. Mum’s the word as to who took 16 swings before making contact with and sending the ball down the Fairway.

Not only was the player laughing which didn’t help his concentration, but also those watching.

Next time maybe a baseball bat could be introduced or would that be cheating?

Donnybrook Sub-Branch is the only branch that has both golf and bowls for this event and it is hoped that it will continue for many years to come.

Organiser Peter Clifford said that the numbers were up on last year, and it was good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

“Winning team for the golfers consisted of Dave Parker, Peter Davis, Paul Anscomb and Steve Forbes, with the winning bowlers being Gordon Clifford and Leonie Sanday,” Peter said.

Peter said that he would like to thank the Country Club for allowing them to run the event and all those helpers who worked so hard behind the scenes to help make the day a success.

“Of course without sponsors, this day would not be able to happen, and we sincerely thank our numerous local sponsors very much and appreciate their ongoing support over the years,” said Peter.

Thank you to everyone who came, enjoyed, laughed, conquered and definitely supported such a worthy cause, Legacy.

  • Pamela Harrison
Brian Gillan with his eye on ball suspended by string.
Steve Forbes in WWI Trench Coat and German Helmet.
Ian Mountford concentrating on the bowling.