Support our Veterans this ANZAC Day, by donating to our appeal

This ANZAC Day, we implore West Australians to donate towards our ANZAC Appeal. Through an online donation, you can help our Veterans in need, and help ensure we can continue to support them through our meaningful programs.

Furthermore, anyone who donates towards our appeal, has a chance to retrieve a complimentary meal at our highly anticipated, ANZAC Club. The meal voucher will be valued at $100. Our Club is set to open in our ANZAC House Veteran Central facility, later this year.

How do I enter, for my chance to dine for free at ANZAC Club?
The winner will be an individual, group or organisation that raises the most for our online ANZAC Appeal.

  1. Round up some family and friends, or get your co-workers and club members involved.
  2. Come up with a group name or decide on the exact name you will list down for your organisation.
  3. Email fso@rslwa.org.au to let Hayley know that you’re participating in the ANZAC Appeal and want the chance to enter.  Make sure to let her know the group or organisation name you have chosen.
  4. Then get everyone to donate, by sharing this donation page link on social media or forward it on to family and friends.
  5. Make sure you get everyone who is donating for your group or organisation to enter your group or organisation name.

If you are an individual, you can enter too. Simply email fso@rslwa.org.au , letting Hayley know that you’ve donated and want to enter into the competition.

For individuals or groups who would like to donate without entering, we are immensely grateful for your support. Just click on this link and your donation will be received with enormous gratitude .

How long does the ANZAC Appeal go for?

It starts April 6th 2020 and will run until April 27th 2020.

Why should you donate to the ANZAC Appeal in this time of distress?

2020 was meant to be the beginning of a new age, a new and exciting decade but we were quickly greeted with bushfires and pandemics. It’s a scary and uncertain time. Whilst we are all fretting to see what the outcome is from the COVID-19 crisis, there are many people in our community whose pre-existing stress, anxiety and fears after a life in service to our country have compounded.

And with suicide rates in this community 18 percent higher than in the civilian world, it is up to us to act when it comes to their health, welfare and wellbeing.

As we know, COVID-19 is serious for those with underlying health issues and the elderly, which counts for a large percentage of the Veteran community, and so by raising money we can assist them in whatever capacity they need.

Please donate to this important cause. Any donation, no matter how large or small, is tax deductible and will make a difference to someone’s life.

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