RSLWA now offers financial counselling

IN these tough economic times, talking to a financial counsellor can help you work through your money problems, while teaching you how to maintain your financial stability independently.

Financial counselling is a free and confidential service and can assist you with managing a household budget, negotiating outstanding bills, providing advocacy, bankruptcy information or referrals to other services.

Nicky Sligo
RSLWA financial counsellor and welfare officer Nicky Sligo. Photo: RSLWA

This is an inclusive service that is appropriate for Veterans in a broad range of circumstances no matter where you live in WA or how much you may earn.

RSLWA now has a qualified and experienced financial counsellor on staff to explain how to get your life back on track.

Financial counsellor Nicky Sligo says: “If you have payments in place that you are struggling with, we can negotiate with creditors. We can also provide you with information relating to bankruptcy.

“We can also contact your creditors if there aren’t any payments in place, but someone’s hounding you for money.

“And we can provide you with some food vouchers and payment of some bills if you meet the criteria.”

Call Nicky here at RSLWA on (08) 9287 3799 to make an appointment.

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