White Oak partnership a boon for WA Veterans

NAVIGATING the complicated aged-care system is about to get easier for WA’s Veterans .

RSLWA partners with White Oak
White Oak home care allows paraplegic Vietnam Veteran Terry Newman to maintain his independence at home. Picture Iain Gillespie

A partnership between RSLWA and White Oak Home Care Services is ensuring Veterans and their families are given a guiding hand in understanding and accessing entitlements and services.

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“Veterans, like lots of other people, sometimes don’t actually appreciate what is on offer and how you go about accessing it. It’s a case of what you don’t know, you don’t know, and it can get quite complicated,” RSLWA chief executive John McCourt says.

“What we are doing with all Veterans, young and old, is to help make it easier to access services that are available.”

RSLWA works on a “Veteran central model’’ as a central point of contact for its 10,000 veterans, of whom about half are senior, and pointing them the right way.

“If a Veteran doesn’t appreciate or really know what they can access, or what they are entitled to, they can ring us. For example, they may say ‘I need better homecare and I think I have some entitlements’, and we say ‘Listen, have you spoken to White Oak?’ Or they might say ‘I have some mental health issues’, so we say ‘Have you spoken to Open Arms’,” Mr McCourt, a Veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Timor, says.

White Oak is not a newcomer.

It has been providing personal, domestic, respite and clinical services to Veterans for 20 years.

Graeme Prior, chief executive of White Oak’s parent company Hall & Prior, says the partnership builds on the provider’s already big program for veterans, as well as providing continuity of care if Veterans move from home to a residential facility.

White Oak Home Care Services general manager Treasa Lonergan says the partnership aids advocacy.

“This partnership allows us to empower those Veterans with information about what services they are eligible for and what services they can receive,” she says.

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