WWII Veterans honoured with France’s highest order of merit

RSLWA had the honour today of hosting a Legion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour) ceremony to celebrate World War II Veterans, John Revell and James Edgar, who were given the highest French order of merit for their outstanding service during this time.

Legion of Honour medals given to Mr Revell and Mr Edgar


Present at the ceremony were members of the French Assembly, who are currently touring Australia and visited Perth especially for this ceremony, Minister Peter Tinley and family and friends of Mr Revell and Mr Edgar were all present to toast the two men for their achievement.

Julie Duhaut-Bedos, Deputy Head of Mission, presented the medals to the two Veterans, with much praise for the bravery shown by these men and a resounding merci beaucoup on behalf of the French Government.

Mr John Revell


Mr Revell was born in Great Britain in 1923 and joined the Royal Navy in 1942. He was just 21 years old when he first experienced the tragedy of war, during his first battle in Normandy.

Mr Revell was part of the invasion of the Dutch island of Walcheren, a critical tactical operation to allow Allied armies access to the captured port of Antwerp. The Allies urgently needed Antwerp in order to supply advancing armies as they moved towards Berlin. Devastatingly he was injured during this operation and had to be evacuated due to shrapnel in his thigh.

Mr James Edgar and WO Kevan Naughton


Mr Edgar was born in South Africa in 1920 and was a member of the Intelligence Corps of the British Army. He was recruited into Special Operations Executive, British French Section, to train would-be agents for sending into France.

As a British Commando, Mr Edgar played a critical role in several raids on the German occupied Channel Islands in 1942, this elite unit was formed during the Second World War at the request of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. One of Mr Edgar’s duties was to disguise fishing boasts to safely escort Norwegians to Shetland. He also parachuted into Burma to fight the Japanese and stayed in Sumatra for 12 months on peace keeping operations.

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