Scarborough - ANZAC Day

April 24 ANZAC Vigil (Tuesday)

6.00pm | Vigil, by 1 Wembley Downs Scout Group.

ANZAC Day - April 25 ANZAC Vigil

6.00am | Vigil, by 1 Wembley Downs Scout Group concludes. Participants retire.

ANZAC Day - April 25 ANZAC Day Service

3.00pm | Slow March of Scout Catafalque Party to Memorial, Scarborough RSL Memorial Garden, Shearn Crescent & Millcrest Street, Doubleview. 3.45pm | ANZAC Day Service. On Completion | Afternoon tea at adjacent Bowling Club Hall.

Substantial parking in grounds of Bowling Club and Benneyy Park next door. More street parking around Bennett Park on all four sides.

Contact: Malcolm F. Till. P: (08) 9341 5416.

| Photo Credit: Hon. Liza Harvey MLA.