Advocacy Assistance

Advocacy is the act of making representations on behalf of another to ensure that they receive a fair hearing of their case or an outcome which they seek.

Providing support to get you the outcome you deserve.

RSLWA provides Advocacy Assistance through claims with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), along with assistance in the appeal process up to the level of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Our team understand the complexities of the claims process, how the legislation applies to a veteran’s individual circumstances and the processes involved in applying for compensation, income support, Gold/White cards and health cards.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with claims for Disability Pensions or Compensation, covering all legislations; VEA, DRCA, MRCA and NLHC
  • Assistance with Service Pensions
  • Guidance throughout the DVA process regarding investigations of claims
  • Support for any appeals at the Veterans Review Board and Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Support for veterans regarding Mental Health through Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Services (VVCS) and Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC) with DVA
  • Connecting Veterans with the Welfare Officer should they need financial assistance

Advocates can be contacted via:

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