“The Tale of the ANZAC Tortoise” Book Review

I loved the brilliant explicit illustrations in the book as they depict the horrors of the time without being overly graphic.

The story encompasses a mix of real life and make-believe and I enjoyed the way that the author was able to time travel the characters without losing the main idea of the story.

The emotive language used in the book had physical effects on my students as I saw their body language and facial expressions change as I read the book. Their understanding of the ANZAC tradition grew as they realised that the story was written from an NZ point of view and that although not Australian soldiers, it didn’t matter because the story was relevant to all ANZACs and returning war heroes. When we read the back and showed the actual original tortoise whose name was Peter, the students realised that they were able to retell stories from a real-life situation but still create suspense and entertain.

  • Kristine Davis, Mount Magnet DHS

“The Tale of the ANZAC Tortoise” is written by Shona Riddell and illustrated by Matt Gauldie. It is published by EK Books.

Review by Mount Magnet DHS student, Aidan.
Review by Mount Magnet DHS student, Ruby.
Review by Mount Magnet DHS student, Leshauna.
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