The Great Race “Lakeside”

Dawn came and went, across the City of Belmont’s greater area, veterans and their nearest and dearest from the Elite, City of Belmont RSL Sub-Branch. Looking outside at the cold, wet, winter darkness. Not much was said, the Veterans dressed in their gear, ready for anything. After two or maybe four, good cups of coffee, and with a deep sigh the Veterans were ready for anything. With blank expressions across their drawn faces, not knowing when they would return. they left the warmth, love and security of their home, for the short journey to the City of Belmont RSL Sub-Branches parade ground.

Donning their wet weather gear, they stood tall and ready for anything.
The announcement was made, disregarding the harsh winter environment. Yes, the City of Belmont RSL Sub-branch Great Race “Lakeside was still a goer.
Smiles spread across the 20 plus Veterans and family members faces. With a great adventure lying ahead.

The rain and strong winds came and went. No real bother. After two stops with questions, they travelled East to the Hills township of Mundaring. Between the short downfalls they sprinted, oh well hurried a little to the warmth and friendliness of the staff at Eastern Hills Bakery Café. Who provided a great choice of tasting delights. A few more questions and off to Lake Leschenaultia.
Some two hours later, after a generous, enjoyable and reasonably priced lunch, served promptly by the very friendly staff of Reflections café.

A brief but informative history of Lake Leschenaultia given by the duty Ranger, Liam.

Back down the hill, we went, (without any questions!) to gather in the City of Belmont’s Sub-branch lounge and bar area.

A wee dram or two, endless war stories of gravel tracks and possible sightings of the hills surrounding Adelaide. The marking of the questionnaire, one clear winner was announced, Fred and Lorrain. With 61 out of 62 questions correct.

Without too much discussion, two clear conclusions were reached; Steve’s well thought out and tricky questions were not clever enough to fool the masses. With all the teams at least achieving the pass mark of 70% correct.

Whist many due to the weather didn’t make, those that did had an extremely enjoyable day out – in the wilds.

  • Steve Toon, Belmont Sub-Branch Vice President