The Note Through The Wire

What would you do if your country was invaded? Many within our community are able to respond to this question immediately. Some even have a plan. For civilians though, the question is one they mull over.

‘The Note Through The Wire’ poses this question as it shares the story of two who met in unbelievable circumstances. Written by Doug Gold, ‘The Note Through The Wire” follows the tail of Bruce Murray and Josefine Lobnik. A soldier from New Zealand, sent to fight the Nazis in Greece, and a young woman in Yugoslav, watching as the Nazis invade and control her land. A brave and determined soul, Josefine soon joins the resistance and a chance meeting either side of a Prisoner of War Camp fence sets the course for these two heroes.

This extraordinary true story paints the picture of life from two very different perspectives, those of the invaded and those who were captured. What they endure throughout the war, and the love they find is a story that must be read. ‘The Note Through The Wire’ has romance, espionage and action. Gold weaves the web that entangles the two in delightful detail, forcing you to read on and on in order to discover what will happen next.

This book will capture and transport you.

‘The Note Through the Wire’ is written by Doug Gold and published by Allen & Unwin.

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