Using the Flag at Funerals

When used to cover a casket at funerals, the top left quarter (the upper hoist) of the Australian Flag should be draped over the left shoulder of the deceased. The flag should be removed before the casket is lowered into the grave or, at a crematorium, after the service.

At all times care should be taken to prevent any portion of the flag touching the ground.

To remove the flag, two representatives (funeral directors or as nominated) are to move to a position at the head and foot of the casket and:

  • Grasp each end of the flag and remove it while stepping clear to one side of the casket and spreading the flag to arm length.

  • They each then fold the flag once along its width, with the upper hoist facing downwards.

  • The representative at the foot of the casket then moves towards the other and hands him his corners of the flag making a fold along its length. He then lifts the trailing edge to fold it once again.

  • The representative at the head of the casket folds the flag along its width to make it a suitable size to be carried draped over the arm.