“Which Way Is Your Claymore Facing” Book Review

‘Which way is your claymore facing’ is a lifeline for veterans of all creeds to grab a hold of in need. Many won’t realise they have a problem until they see how well Barry breaks down tendencies soldiers carry with them everywhere and every day.

Barry has meticulously put this book together with absolute lean mechanisms symbolising a soldier, sailor or airman preparing their kit to go forward into battle. His historic background as a psychologist is evident as re-reading his WARRIOR acronym has a profound effect on soothing anxiety time after time.

In summary, ‘Which way is your claymore facing’ is an effective and well put together self-help short novel drawing on personal examples from someone who has shared the same experiences. It is relatable to all service members that have completed basic training, which is why I believe anyone with a service background would benefit from it.

  • Ryan Page, ABET, RAN

“Which Way Is Your Claymore Facing” is written by Barry Zworestine and is available via his website.

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