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About Us

RSLWA has supported and connected veterans for more than a century.

Who we are

RSLWA has been fostering camaraderie and assistance to those who served the nation for more than a hundred years. Founded to support veterans and their families, RSLWA’s core mission has remained unwavering, evolving to meet the needs of each generation. Whether young or old, currently serving or ex-serving personnel, RSLWA is here to help through the new ANZAC House Veteran Central facility, over 100 Sub-Branches statewide, and planned veteran hubs in metropolitan and regional areas. 

Providing wellbeing and welfare support, advocacy for claims and entitlements, transition and employment services, and acknowledgement of service through numerous commemorative events, including ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. Member or not, a warm welcome and a listening ear is waiting for you at the ANZAC House Veteran Central or your local RSL Sub-Branch.

Our Vision, Mission and STrategy

We are dedicated to empowering veterans and their families to thrive in the community. RSLWA accomplishes this by providing sustainable, relevant support and services, while also upholding the trust of the community and our stakeholders.

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Our history

In the early months of 1916, the 11th Battalion Association was founded to bring together returning veterans and address the absence of organised repatriation facilities and medical services for those returning from service in the First World War. By May of the same year, interstate organisations collaborated to create ‘Return Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia’. Expanding its reach to encompass all 3rd Infantry Brigade members in Western Australia, it officially became the ‘Returned Soldiers' Association’ in May 1916.


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