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anzac day

ANZAC Day History

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day commemorates the 1915 Gallipoli landing during World War I. This eight-month campaign resulted in significant Australian casualties, with around 8,700 soldiers losing their lives.

These brave men who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula forged a legacy, introducing the term 'ANZAC' into our language and embodying the spirit of ANZAC, characterised by values of mateship and sacrifice, which continue to unite all Australians today.

Today, ANZAC Day is a day to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country. Commencing with dawn commemorative services, the RSLWA Anzac Day Service brings together former servicemen, servicewomen, their families, and the wider community in a tribute to those who fought for our freedom and security.

We will remember them. Lest we forget.

ANZAC Day 2024


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