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Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values

RSLWA's Vision, Mission & Strategy 2023
RSLWA Values
Our Values

Our Mission

RSLWA enables veterans and their families to thrive through sustainable, relevant support and services whilst retaining the full confidence of community and all stakeholders.

Our Vision

“We believe in enabling veterans and their families to thrive in the community”.


To accomplish our mission, we are committed to the following strategic objectives:

Increase engagement with veterans and their families

  • Engagement strategies and innovative activities and events with stakeholders, ESOs and veterans, including current serving personnel.
  • Service offerings meet the full spectrum of the needs of veterans and their families.

Strengthen RSLWA for future generations

  • Expansion of services which are aligned with the requirements of all veterans.
  • Ensure RSLWA leads RSL nationally with leading and standardised governance practices.
  • Commemorative activities are enhanced and encourage participation of new cohorts.
  • RSLWA brand and reputation is viewed as trustworthy. 
  • Strong guardianship of the customs and traditions which recognise historical service and sacrifice.

Maintain RSLWA as relevant, agile, integrated and inclusive

  • Information sharing options and platforms are modern, flexible, scalable and adaptable.
  • A value proposition which encompasses a diverse suite of community, support and services for veterans.
  • Programs that encourage training, mentoring, and investment.
  • Themes and messages are reflective of strategic objectives.

Ensure financial sustainability and profitability to fund veteran support and services

  • Fundraising activities which are efficient, effective and targeted.
  • Income streams which are resilient and diverse.
  • Modern systems support transparency, accountability and reporting of financial performance.


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