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Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values

RSLWA's Vision, Mission & Strategy 2023
Our Values

Our Mission

RSLWA enables veterans and their families to thrive through sustainable, relevant support and services whilst retaining the full confidence of community and all stakeholders.

Our Vision

“We believe in enabling veterans and their families to thrive in the community”.

To accomplish our mission, we are committed to the following strategic objectives:

Increase engagement with veterans and their families

  1. Develop and implement innovative activities and events, including current serving personnel.
  2. Engagement strategies and activities with stakeholders and ESO's.
  3. Sub-Branch engagement plan, including Director and Executive visits.
  4. Sustain the Presidents’ Forums.
  5. Provision for new service offerings that target the full spectrum of veterans and their family’s needs.
  6. Promotional campaigns directed toward new membership.

Strengthen RSLWA for future generations

  1. Define expectations of Sub-Branches to expand our services.Refine and standardise Governance practices across the RSL network.
  2. Create a development and succession plan
  3. Finalise and implement a strategic stakeholder management plan.
  4. Conduct an annual constitutional review.
  5. Enhance commemoration activities.
  6. Preserve and enhance RSLWA brand and reputation.

Maintain RSLWA as relevant, agile, integrated and inclusive

  1. Sustain and continue to modernise our information sharing options and platforms.
  2. Refine and communicate Value Proposition.
  3. Expand the scope and scale of the employment program.
  4. Access and promote, or develop, programs that encourage training, mentoring, and investment.
  5. Develop themes and messages in accordance with the Strategic priorities.

Ensure financial sustainability and profitability to fund veteran support and services

  1. Increase efficiency of fund-raising activities.
  2. Design or create new income streams.
  3. Continue & expand our bequest program.
  4. Modernise and improve systems and reporting.
  5. Establish a property optimisation plan.
  6. Optimise current revenue streams.


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