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Countless veterans have made profound sacrifices for our freedom, and your support creates a lasting impact on their lives. When you make a donation to RSLWA, you directly contribute to providing essential care and support:
ensures a curated care package for a deployed soldier, bringing comfort and connection.
supports a veteran’s counseling session, offering crucial mental health support and guidance.
funds comprehensive job training for a veteran, empowering them with the skills for a successful civilian transition.

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RSLWA stands as a registered charity, relying on our community for vital donations and support in our fundraising appeals. Thanks to the generosity of many Western Australians, RSLWA can extend practical assistance to contemporary veterans and their families, aiding them in overcoming the challenges stemming from their service and adapting to life outside of the military.

Our range of services encompasses support for former Defence Force members facing various obstacles, including homelessness, employment challenges, mental health impacts, physical injuries, financial support, and most importantly, transition to civilian life. You can make tax-deductible donations online, with the option of monthly contributions, providing a generous means of continuous support.


RSLWA extends its commitment to veterans by offering Advocacy Assistance, guiding them through the intricacies of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims and appeals. Our dedicated team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, encompassing legislation, compensation and card applications.

Our regular supporters make all of our work possible! By making a monthly donation, you give us the certainty we need to dream big and amplify others across the world.

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