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Fill out the Advocacy Claim Pack for DVA Advocacy assistance. For appeals and other inquiries, reach out to our Advocacy team directly.

Phone: 9287 3799


RSLWA Advocacy offers claims assessing assistance, assistance in the appeal process up to the level of Veterans review Board and financial assistance and referral services. We provide support for veterans and veteran's families, which includes but are not limited to: 

  • Assistance with lodging initial liability claims, (VEA, DRCA, MRCA) 
  • Application for (VEA) Disability Pension increase (AFI) 
  • Com Super Reconsideration Applications and Invalidity benefits applications (Medical Discharge) 
  • Guidance throughout the DVA process regarding Investigations of claims 
  • Guidance with the information needed for supporting evidence of claims with DVA 
  • Liaising with DVA delegates when needed 
  • Support for any appeals at the Veterans Review Board (VRB) and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) 
  • Assistance with application for Incapacity payments through DVA if a veteran is unable to work due to their accepted conditions (DRCA & MRCA) 
  • Guidance regarding entitlements under all three legislations (VEA, DRCA, MRCA) 
  • Guidance with DVA Decision letters for the knowledge of the veteran in understanding the reasons behind claim decisions 
  • Support for veterans accessing Non-Liability health Care & mental health support through Open Arms-Veterans & Families Counselling Service 
  • Support for War Widows with Legacy WA 
  • Connecting Veterans with the Welfare Officer should they need financial assistance 
  • Connecting Veterans with the Financial Counsellor should they need budgeting & creditor assistance

Please contact RSLWA on (08) 9287 3799 or advocacy@rslwa.org.au if you would like to schedule an appointment with an Advocate or if you have any questions. 


RSLWA offers support through our ANZAC House Welfare team, addressing needs with care and consideration.

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