For over 100 years, the RSLWA has been here

Founded by veterans for veterans and still run by veterans today.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

The RSLWA has continuously provided camaraderie and assistance to those returned from service for well over one hundred years.

Founded to support veterans and their families, the core mission has never changed, but has continued to grow and evolve as the needs of each generation changed. From young and old, ex-serving to current, male and female alike, the RSLWA is here to assist.

We advocate for the best possible conditions for those who have served and foster a spirit of respect and thanks from a grateful nation through commemorative services and events. Our voice is strong. Our will stronger still.

Our branch network across the state allows for assistance to be given to any veteran in need. Member or not, a warm welcome is always waiting for you at your local RSL Sub-Branch.

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