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Mr Roy Mellon

RSLWA | Board Member

Mr Roy Mellon

Roy Mellon, a resilient entrepreneur, made pioneering contributions to the payroll and workforce management sectors. His journey in these industries began during his service in the Australian Army, a period that instilled in him an appreciation for structured systems and operational efficiency. Roy's pursuit of further education in payroll management was sparked by a permanent injury he faced during his military service, a testament to his determination and resilience.


In 2009, Roy founded RDM Consulting, a small firm that quickly became known in the business landscape for its innovative solutions in payroll and workforce management. The company's success led to its acquisition by activ payroll in 2012, after which Roy took on the role of Managing Director for Australia. He further expanded his entrepreneurial horizon in 2013 by acquiring activ payroll's Australian operations and founding Proactiv Payroll, which under his leadership, flourished as a trusted industry name.


Seeing a gap in the market for integrated solutions, Roy established his own software; Definitiv in 2016, a platform that revolutionised payroll and workforce management for medium to large organisations across multiple countries. His visionary approach led to the successful acquisition of Definitiv Group by The Access Group in 2021. Roy retired as Chief Executive and Founder of the Definitiv Group in 2023, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and leadership.


Dedicated to community enrichment, Roy now divides his time between managing Shawshack Farm, and engaging in various charitable activities. He is currently serving as Board Member, Treasurer and Chair for the Finance & Risk committee of Variety WA. His commitment to making a positive impact extends into his role as a Board Member of RSLWA, where he aims to leverage his extensive experience in leadership, strategic planning, and technology to benefit the organisation and its community initiatives.

a gift for the future

"There are several reasons why we decided to leave a gift in our Will to RSLWA. We always try to support local veterans and we have two children currently serving in the Defence force. My grandfather was in the 16th battalion and was a soldier settler post WWI. He was an active member of his local RSL for many years."
Bruce and Betty Smith, Perth

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