On ANZAC Day, we remember

On this day, above all days, we recall those who served in war and who did not return to receive the grateful thanks of the nation.

2021 ANZAC Day   ….   Flying Into A New Era: 100 Years of RAAF


TO say this will be one of the most anticipated ANZAC Days of recent history is no exaggeration – with the forthcoming commemoration already having so much extra emotion attached to it.

After all, this is the first full, traditional ANZAC Day to be held since the COVID pandemic forced everyone into lockdown last year, resulting in the alternative yet moving driveway dawn service to be introduced instead.

This year, RSLWA’s full service returns with all the trimmings: the Kings Park Dawn Service (register here); the Gunfire Breakfast at Government House; the March through the CBD; and the Commemorative Service at Perth Concert Hall (tickets here).

Even better, last year’s hugely successful driveway service will stay – enabling those who are unable to attend a traditional commemorative service to take part at home. Please tune in to ABC Radio (ABC Radio Perth for metropolitan listeners) for a special Light Up The Dawn broadcast of The Ode, the Last Post, the Minute’s Silence and Rouse, from 6am.

It’s also the RAAF’s 100th birthday – a magnificent landmark in anyone’s books.

It is why this year’s theme is Flying Into a New Era: 100 Years of RAAF.

It’s also the first time that veterans will be able to catch up for drinks or a meal with their mates at the new ANZAC House Veteran Central, with much planned for the day.

And given it takes place on a Sunday this year, we expect it to be huge. For a list of ANZAC Day events and to find a Service near you, please click here.

For maps of Kings Park, the CBD March route and Langley Park, as well as a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here

  • Please remember to donate to our annual ANZAC Appeal, with funds going toward the health, wellbeing and advocacy of our valued veterans – https://www.rslwa.org.au/donate/.

Lest we forget!

Veteran Stories

driveway dawn

Fiona Dowse AM“Our military forefathers did what they did because they believed in service, commitment to others, courage, sacrifice and respect for their country. They faced danger and hardship, as have many Australians today, who have been caught up in COVID19 issues or the summer fires here in Australia.”  – Air Commodore Fiona Dowse AM, CSC

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Joe Driver

“So anyway, we took these men, whipped them back to the hospital, and we’re coming back again. We’re talking to the radio operator and as we’re talking to him, he steps on a mine. It was a jumping jack mine, the type that pop up and then go off, sending shrapnel at waist height.” – Vietnam veteran pilot Joe Driver

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Light Up The Dawn“I’m pleased it (Light Up The Dawn) is continuing. I believe this is a great idea as many cannot attend the main Dawn Service due to poor health, having no transport or, as the population is getting older, the weather.” – Army veteran Allan Voak 

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Afghanistan veteran Brad Kay

“When I first got back we were hopping into a car and near a building site. The lunchtime siren went off and Sharon’s standing next to the car waiting for me to unlock it … and l’m on the other side, flat out on the bitumen waiting for the rockets to come in.” – RAAF Afghanistan veteran/artist Brad Kay 

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anzac biscuits

ANZAC Day is one of the most iconic days of the Australian calendar – packed full of military traditions and ceremonial rituals. Here, we break some of them down to allow the community to fully embrace this special day by respectfully honouring those who served, and those who continue to serve today.

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