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For a century, the ANZAC and Poppy Appeals have stood strong, continuing to hold significance as we provide support to veterans and current serving members.

Create an impact at your school or business by becoming a community collector.

ANZAC Appeal
Friday, 12 April 2024
Poppy Appeal
Friday, 1 November 2024

Supporting our veterans is crucial

In Western Australia, around 25,000 veterans, many of them young, are grappling with emerging challenges, with up to 10,000 being deployed since 1999, facing lasting impacts from high-risk environments.

The stark reality:

  • Ex-serving men’s suicide rate was 18% higher than Australian mens from 2001 to 2017, with ex-serving women, close behind.
  • Approximately 5.3% of Australian veterans experienced homelessness between 2001 and 2018, 1.9% higher than the general population.
  • In Western Australia, the veteran unemployment rate is 30%, which is five times the civilian rate, with 19% underemployment.

As a registered charity organisation, RSLWA relies on community support to provide practical assistance. Your tax-deductible donations aid in overcoming the impact of service and transitioning to civilian life.

By becoming involved with RSLWA by raising funds through events like the ANZAC Appeal, the Poppy Appeal, or simply joining RSLWA as a member, this supports us in creating a safe place of mateship and camaraderie for veterans and their families, while helping RSLWA offer crucial services to those who’ve served our nation.


ANZAC Club has been a vital retreat for returning veterans since the establishment of the Returned Soldiers Club House in October 1916, adjacent to the Governor's residence. The new ANZAC House Veteran Central, along with ANZAC Club, warmly welcomes ex-service members, their families, friends and the wider community to a comforting space. Our environment reflects the values of the camaraderie, high social standards, and the rich traditions of the Australian Defence Force.

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Become a member

When you become part of RSLWA, it’s more than just joining a club; it’s entering a family. As a member, you are embraced by one of Australia’s most esteemed and time-honored organisations. RSLWA is devoted to supporting veterans, whether they’ve returned or are currently in service, paying homage to those who have contributed to our nation. We offer a secure haven of mateship and camaraderie, extending care to individuals who continue to dedicate themselves today.

Become a volunteer

Ever wished you could do more? This is your opportunity to make a real impact by volunteering with RSLWA. Embracing the spirit of the ANZACs, engaging in vibrant community events, connecting with like-minded people and being part of a movement by leveraging your skills to directly enhance the lives of our country’s veterans.

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Find a subranch

RSLWA State Branch, based at ANZAC House in Perth’s CBD, is complemented by 114 Sub-Branches spread across Western Australia. The organisation is actively working to create Greater Perth Metro and Regional hubs to enhance the service delivery to its 8,000 Service Members and 2,000 Affiliate Members.

Unit & Kindred

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Make a donation

RSLWA stands as a registered charity, relying on our community for vital donations and support in our fundraising appeals. Thanks to the generosity of many Western Australians, RSLWA can extend practical assistance to contemporary veterans and their families, aiding them in overcoming the challenges stemming from their service and adapting to life outside of the military.

Become a partner

RSLWA extends heartfelt appreciation to the generous individuals and companies who contribute to our programs, events and activities. This invaluable assistance enables us to provide crucial support to veterans, current and ex-serving members and their families in need.

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Your gateway to connecting with fellow veteran families across Western Australia, offering an array of exciting events and activities tailored just for you. RSLWA is on a mission to simplify your journey back to civilian life by creating opportunities for you and your family to bond with like-minded people.


Be part of the journey! Stay connected with RSLWA, receiving timely announcements, news and events, as well as impactful initiatives and updates on our veterans’ support services. 

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